First off, I strongly encourage anyone who is reading this to go recommend this article titled RedState trying to jam Coakley phone banks by dkos user pinback for more information on this story.

    So, as for the title of this article, my question is, should Erick Erickson of RedState.com go to jail the same way the last Republican hack who pulled this phone bank tampering scam did?

    Federal law prohibits making interstate calls ``without disclosing the caller's identity and with the intent to annoy . . . or harass any person at the called number."

Rawstory.com Jan 10, 2006

    A hat tip to dkos user inland for the RawStory.com link.

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For nearly a decade, Allen Raymond stood at the top ranks of Republican Party power.


    Raymond, 39, has just finished serving a three-month sentence for jamming Democratic phone lines in New Hampshire during the 2002 US Senate race. The incident led to one of the biggest political scandals in the state's history, the convictions of Raymond and two top Republican officials, and a Democratic lawsuit that seeks to determine whether the White House played any role. The race was won by Senator John E. Sununu , the Republican.

Rawstory.com Jan 10, 2006

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    The story of the Sununu election and Republican criminal activity leading up to that election are well known, and people have gone to jail for it. I would have assumed Erick Erickson knew that, being a forrealsy serious blogger as he claims to be.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com     Nothing says childish whiny pissant like encouraging others to deny their fellow Americans their right to organize politically. Not only is it an extremely shitty thing to do, it is apparently illegal.

    Now, I am no legal expert, and it seems there are differences between Allen Raymond and Erick Erickson's actions, but I am not sure what they are. Therefore, I ask this question to my peers out here on the internet.

    Should Erick Erickson go to jail for this if the law was broken?

    Next time you want to maybe break Federal Law or encourage others to do so, Erick, maybe you should think twice about hitting that publish button, you twit.

    So, help me out if you can. Is this a violation of the law, and if so, how can we nail RedState for this?

UPDATE:     Erick Erickson is a shitty liar AND has a little bit of an ego problem. From his post this morning, Erick is clearly playing stupid. It must be easy for him, but it's easier for anyone who is paying attention to see right through.

The not so very bright readers of Kos want to send Martha Coakley and me to jail.

Why us?

Well, I published the list of union organized phone banks for Coakley on Friday night.

Some genius who probably thinks Joe Stalin was just misunderstood now is convinced I must go to jail. WITH A POLL!!!!

I assume s/he (that covers everything including transgendered I hope) also wants to send Martha Coakley to jail. She did the same thing I did, but offered up even more details, including the phone numbers of the locations and email address of the contact person.


By the way, points off to the Koskidz for misspelling my name.


     That's it, Erick, don't even bother to explain to your readers that you might be, maybe, encouraging them to break a little Federal Law or two. It's okay, they were bad laws, right mister professional lawyer Erick Erickson.

     And taking it to Stalin on sentence four, that's classic bait and switch right there. Of course, anyone who might question the legality of another person's actions must be a Stalin apologist. That's rich coming from a guy who is advocating disrupting the Democratic process.

     It isn't illegal for the Coakley campaign to publish their own phone banking information, Erick, and I doubt you are that stupid, but you would love to make it seem that way when you state that Kossacks want you AND Coakley to go to jail. First off, really no one says they WANT you to go to jail for the sake of going to jail, I think what is being expressed here is that if you broke the law you should suffer the consequences, as some think you may have by directing people to disrupt the phonebanking operations of other Americans. (Real Patriotic stuff there, by the way.)

    I know being a Conservative lawyer ideas like consequences for breaking the law is likely to be a foreign concept for you. Too bad ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    No, Coakley has the right to publish her own phone banking info, but you may not have the right to direct people to disrupt it. One can argue Brandenburg or other legal rulings, and should, because you may well have broken the law, Erick Erickson. But you couldn't give a shit about that. With lawyers like Erick Erickson, who needs criminals!

   And a POLL! Ye Gods! Man the castle!

   Oh, and dear, Erick, my middle name is Eric, and I fucking refuse to share it with you. I mis-spell names as a sign of disrespect, just like when someone disrespects other Americans and their Constitutional right to organize politically. I don't go knocking Dick Armey's dick out of your mouth while you are working, don't fuck with me when I am working. You can't handle the Truth. Hell, you fear it.

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