Scott Brown's desire to block health care reform has been one of the key points of his platform. Without health care reform, we're left with an employer-based system in which many employers will engage in a race to the bottom, trying to lower financial cost at the cost of their employees' health.

Scott Brown seems to be fine with that. Hell, he seems to be participating in that. Brown was asked whether he was providing his campaign staff with health coverage after TPMDC reported that:

TPMDC reviewed campaign finance reports showing more than a dozen Brown staffers being paid for "strategy consulting," an unusual label for low-level aides. We asked the campaign about the designation and whether they have paid payroll taxes.

Campaign spokesman Felix Browne told TPMDC the campaign is aided by "volunteers and paid staff who are compensated as independent contractors in accordance with the Massachusetts independent contractor law."

Typically, Brown's response was to say, a la Bill O'Reilly, that he didn't know what that was, he never seen that, before releasing a statement through a spokesperson somewhat later.

The candidate initially told the Globe between campaign appearances this morning, "I don't have any idea what she's talking about" and directed Coakley to his lawyers. After apparently being briefed by his staff, he described the provisions for his workers' coverage at a later campaign stop, emphasizing that they were happy with the arrangement.

(His claim is that they're independent contractors who have existing health coverage or are being paid extra to allow them to buy it -- as TPMDC says, an unusual arrangement for a campaign)

After Brown said to ask his lawyers about his health care arrangements, someone did. Saying they were evasive would imply that they even pretended to answer.

Basically, Scott Brown is actively part of the problem he's trying to prevent from being solved.

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Sat Jan 16, 2010 at 05:00 PM PST.

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