There are are some moments as a parent that really make you smile.  

I'd just gotten done making some calls and was reading this on Politico:

GOP money, troops pour into Massachusetts

Some campaigns are blasting e-mails to supporters, prodding them to cut checks. Others are temporarily turning their headquarters into phone banks. A few are even encouraging volunteers to head to Massachusetts.

As I reached for my wallet, I guess I let out a big sigh.  My son asked me what was wrong.  I rather distractedly and quickly explained about the MA Senate seat, as I was counting the paltry set of bills in my wallet, mentally realizing I only had $35 left until payday.

We'd already sent the "extra" $50 we had to the Clinton Foundation.  Sadly, I put my wallet back in my purse, vowing to call even more, when my son came back in the room.  Frankly, I had been so distracted that I hadn't even heard him leave the kitchen.

"Here, Mom.  I have $2.00."

He's 13.  

We live in Kentucky.

But, he understands what 60 in the Senate means.

As I looked at his face, I took my wallet back out of my purse and added a 10 to his 2 crumpled bills.  They all went into an envelope marked "bank" to cover our $12.00 donation for Coakley.

I sat him down and let him "drive" to set up the following Act Blue Page for Coakley.  

Another Kossack for Coakley

Yeah, we're the bottom of the list as far as contributors go, but you should have seen his smile when it posted.  THAT was worth a million bucks.

It'll be pretty tight this week, but my van has gas for work.  We can have P&J sandwiches for lunch (Hey, it's a weightloss program!).  We don't need to go to the dollar movie theatre on Monday. We've made plans to mine Netflix Instant Play, make cookies and popcorn, and he's gleefully promising to wipe me out in Monopoly.

So, I know it's tough, and we're all giving to Haiti, too, but is there anyone out there who can match us?  

We're asking anyone who can to match us and donate $12.00, or whatever you can, for Coakley  Can you be:

Another Kossack for Coakley?

We've got two days to leave it all on the road, to save our 60 in the Senate.

Thank you, if you can.

Updated:  Thank you. $62 :)  I felt so bad only being able to give

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