URGENT Update We Need Canvassers on the ground in MA NOW.   Staging locations before the fold.  Rec Kath25's diary on this  

I got about 4 delicious hours of sleep last night, which is more than a lot of folks working today to fight for every single vote we need to win this election.

When I got up I hopped on email and put out a couple of small fires on the CA phonebanks, rushed my kids to school (late again!) and got back to work with the GOTV support I'm doing today.  But I took just a few moments to make five phone calls for Martha Coakley.

Five calls.  Five minutes.  Remind someone to vote, tell them where to vote and how to get a ride.  Or log that someone has already voted so no one has to waste time calling again.

Update 4 p.m. ESTIf you are near one of these staging locations and can come down to take a late canvass shift before polls close please do it now.

It is NOT TOO LATE to get out more votes - a lot of people are coming home from school and work and haven't voted yet.  Go get these folks to the polls.  We have four hours.

There was a call out for drivers without cars but I just learned we need you guys to CANVASS, not drive.

Canvass Staging Locations

Boston Staging Location:
IBEW Local 103
256 Freeport Street
Dorchester, MA 02122
Robert Dible 609-891-7533

Worcester Staging Location:
397 Grove Street
Worcester, MA 01605
Ruby Reid 209-505-0575

Springfield Staging Location:
640 Page Boulevard
Springfield, MA 01104
Jesse Bragg 978-621-2619

Lawrence Staging Location:
Everett Mill (inside Lawrence Teachers Union)
15 Union Street
Lawrence, MA 01840
Kelly Byrne 609-575-2416

New Bedford Staging Location:
Painters' Local
554 Pleasant Street
New Bedford, MA 02740
Brandyn Keating (508) 982-2247

Early this morning, it was reported that Organizing for America and its legions of volunteers have made over 1.2 million calls for Martha Coakley.  Almost every one of those calls was made by a person sitting down to do 5 or 10 or 20 at a time.  That's the power of bringing thousands of people together, each one making a small individual contribution.

People power.    my.barackobama.com/Call5MA

No time today for a big diary.   There's so many amazing stories that have been posted here this weekend.  Folks are going all out to help.

Can you make just five phone calls for Martha Coakley?

It really adds up.  Polls are still open - we can still get more voters out.

Call Five, Keep Hope Alive.  
Call five voters for Coakley right now at this link: my.barackobama.com/Call5MA

Rides to the polls

@MarthaCoakley: Need a ride to the polls? Have time to help drive voters? Call our rides hotline (800) 485-0444 #MASen

Or visit this diary for more locations needing drivers (h/t bbxcountry25).

Voter Protection Contacts/Links

Have or spot a problem voting today?


Legal Hotlines:

617-351-6866 and 617-351-6867

Where to vote - find your polling place.


And if you've got more than five minutes, here's more you can do:

Call up to 20 voters at a time on the OFA Neighbor to Neighbor Tool.

Volunteer at a phonebank or canvass in Massachusetts:

Link to find Coakley Canvasses in MA

Link to find Coakley Phonebanks in MA

In addition to volunteering from home from far away, in many places outside Massachusetts, OFA volunteers are holding phonebanks for Coakley.  Check the MyBO events page to see if there is one in your area.  If not, you can still use the calling tool to help with GOTV.

MyBO Events Search Page  

Find a phonebank in CA:   http://bit.ly/...

Share your story of volunteering to GOTV for Martha Coakley on Twitter! People are using the #pplpwr tag on their tweets about volunteering for Coakley, along with MA-Sen.  
You can see the whole feed right here: #pplpwr.  If you have a Twitter account and you are calling for Coakley, or at a canvass, or helping out with the campaign, tweet about it and tag it with #pplpwr.

Updated - Hey for fun I added a poll so we can track how we are doing here

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