In summary in the Intro:

Via the RECONCILIATION PROCESS - pass and enforce the national health insurance exchange, heavily regulated with laws that enforce the terms of

regulated (monopoly) return on investment
procedure and prescription drug cost negotiation
end of recission
end of exclusion due to prior condition
end of the anti-trust exemption.

This effort, publicly and openly championed by Barack Obama and sold as "competition and free market" will yeild excellent returns for the 2010 election.

if this is done along with a public and open effort by Barack Obama to support the Grayson-Paul Amendment to audit the federal reserve, then a substantial percentage of the Tea Party movement people will also support the Dems in 2010.

The championing of the national exchange in a regulated system and sold as competition is a concession to the Republicans.  They wanted inter-state commerce.  The only solution to prevent the gutting of state's rights to regulate insurance industries is to form a higher form of regulation.  A federal one.

Of course, federal regulatory bodies are often compromised.  As the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission was by Enron back in 1997 leading up to the Enron imposed Crisis of 2000 in California.

Fundamentally, Enron transformed itself from an energy supplier into an almost totally unregulated financial institution. The profits Enron generated came mainly from its on-line trading of electricity and natural gas. (Other trading, especially in telecommunications bandwidth, was less successful.) The bulk of this trading was in "derivatives," complex financial instruments used to hedge or speculate about future prices. Unlike open futures markets in agricultural or financial commodities (like Treasury bonds), Enron not only ran the marketplace, but was a major participant in the trades. The derivative contracts were often opaque and confusing, even to experts. So this market was especially murky and open to manipulation.

and even more telling:

One study concluded that electricity prices on the California-Oregon border recently dropped 30 percent simply because Enron went bankrupt and could no longer use its market power to set prices.

So to prevent the collapse of these regulatory guidelines, the creation of a mandate must be enshrined by way of a SECOND BILL OF RIGHTS.

this is the only way that the coming corporatocracy will be prevented from destroying the benefits of health care reform for future generations.


In addition.

Public and open support by Barack Obama of the Grayson-Paul amendment to use the GAO to audit the Federal Reserve System will win over a VAST MAJORITY of the misinformed libertarians in the Tea Party movement to the Democratic Party.

The reason this will work is because the Libertarian Ethos is one of Morality over Expedience.  

They are strict moralist-constitutionalists and (rightly) believe that our founding fathers feared a foreign-owned central banking system and its potential powers over the mechanisms of the U.S. Republic.

even if it is a straw-man argument, winning the straw-man argument by publicly and openly auditing the Fed will win the growing juggernaut of Tea party people to the Democratic Party.

make no mistake about it, the Tea Party movement is the attempt of the right-wing establishment to rebrand the Republican party and include the intellectually compromised Libertarians in a frothing emotional railing against the Democratic Party and Moderate Republicans.  The majority of the Libertarians are falling into lockstep because they want to continue to feel the thrust of power that fizzled after Ron Paul and his ReLOVEution movement lost the Republican nomination in 2008.

By championing Ron Paul and Alan Grayson, *(who is the most dynamic progressive in congress today)* Barack Obama will cement the Libertarian/Progressive Alliance and kick the Republican establishment right where it hurts most during this period of EXTREME VULNURABILITY.

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