What a spate of GBCW drivel we've been seeing here on dkos lately, coming from all over the political spectrum!  

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One let slip her Libertarian tendencies, heh...but others are more subtle, or even duplicious about their motivations and objectives, as they rant and moan, rend their garments, and self-immolate...or threaten to do so, if we, or Obama, or "teh Dems" don't get a clue, lol.


And why not?  The situation is dire, regardless of your perspective, heh.

The ice caps are melting, and the right has stolen our lunch, over and over, and keeps threatening to kick our ass, if we don't STFU and let them continue to do so.  


Indeed, in direct response to the writing on the wall, when the American peoples were clearly about to reject continuation of the Republican regime, and were prepared to choose instead the explicit rhetoric of justice and peace, to save the planet, coming from the left ...the right proceeded to loot the treasury and sabotage the economy on their way out the door, deliberately precipitating an economic crisis to cripple and retard any attempts by the impending Obama presidency and Democratic Majority to implement any meaningful reform.


The right also succeeded in retaining, just barely, this time, sufficient plurality in Congress, between the traitorous fifth column Blue Dogs and the Republicans, to block, delay and sabotage everything the President and the Progressive Caucus may try to do.


So now, the right wing Congressional plurality just barely prevails, by just a few votes.  

But 2010 and 2012 do threaten to shift the balance of power much more substantially and decisively, further to the left...or else, somewhat back to the right if likely Democratic voter turnout can be discouraged, by hook or by crook, heh.

And so...what we have now is an all-out full-court press propaganda blitz, in all venues, on all channels (including here on dkos), to try to make sure Democratic voter turnout is significantly minimized, for the interim election.  It's the right wings' only hope, for avoiding what they would consider to be an absolute disaster.  Go figure.


These attempts to demonize the Democratic party come in all conceivable stripes, including COINTELPRO-style poseurs and sockpuppets, running every imaginable permutation of line that might discourage, demoralize and discredit any notion of seizing the power with a more substantial Progressive Caucus plurality,   ie: a popular democratic electoral suppression of what remains of the Blue Dogs and Republicans in Congress (and on the coattails of the national elections, all the way down the ladders of power, to the local levels).

The Chamber of Commerce is shitting bricks, and pulling out all stops.  They know what time it is, lol, and they and their minions are absolutely hysterical, totally freaking out, calling for political assassination, mass murder and civil war.  

This is a good thing, don't you think?


But, then, it would seem many hard-left ideologues (who have, historically, always been heavily infiltrated and manipulated by the right) are also hysterically calling for electoral boycott and vote splitting, at any cost, as an integral element of their own weaseling elitist vying for sectarian hegemony on the "left".

They are so absolutely determined to slag Obama and the Democrats with opportunistically contrived absolutist idealist oppositionalist slander and angst, that they end up looking just like a reverse mirror image evil twin doppelganger of Faux "News", spewing slobbering hatred and bile toward anyone who doesn't agree to join in such unprincipled attacks, or who dares to criticize them for doing so, on any given topic, real or imagined.  


Indeed, we even have some people coming on here and proposing that we need an "alliance"  with the teabaggers, Libertarians, Blue Dogs, et al, lol...as if that will somehow be more viable than a principled alliance with real moderates, liberals and progressives, on the left, the actual, real, substantial majority of the population.


An unprecedented historic interim election turnout in 2010, for the explicit purpose of purging as many Blue Dogs and Republicans as possible, and electing as many Progressive Caucus and moderates as possible ("moderates" being those willing to be in coalition with the Progressives, rather than with the Blue Dogs and Republicans)...would result in a whole new ball game... and both the right, and some elements on the left, do NOT want to go there.

While this is easy enough to understand, coming from the right, heh...it's way less rational, on the left, which should ring some alarm bells, for anyone with a brain, as to how genuine, or disingenuous such a position should be considered to be.

But lets review some of the implications.


The hard-left position is that Obama is nothing more than just another liberal bourgeois politician, who serves only the interests of monopoly corporate fascism, against the interests of the working class.

Thus, Obama is "the same" as Bush...and this "logic" extends to all Democrats, who are nothing more than a bunch of capitalist pig running dogs, however "liberal" they may pretend to be.

Now, to tell you the truth, for full disclosure, I'm much more sympathetic to that analysis than you might think, because it is, pretty much, true, more or less, to a regrettable degree, which cannot be truthfully denied.

But, then, I care more about what will happen to millions of people under the "greater evil" of a Republican regime, and while I know it won't be anywhere near "good enough", I do believe we can save a few, and perhaps many millions of lives, by bringing the somewhat "lesser evil" of a more or less moderate, liberal, progressive, relatively "left" (even if not absolutely ideal, by a long shot) Democratic regime to power, instead of another much more overtly fascist right wing reactionary conservative fundamentalist Republican regime.

I think a few, and possibly many, millions of lives hanging in the balance obligates us to take what action we can, to get the "best", or the "least bad" option we can, and to then proceed from there.  

Whoever "wins" the "elections", the struggle will continue, nevertheless.  The real issue is on what footing, under what constraints and attacks, and under what social and economic conditions that struggle will ensue, and whether that struggle will be considerably more difficult and dangerous, or somewhat significantly less so.  

Then there's that little issue of the will of the people, many of whose very lives are at stake...which some people here seem to keep forgetting, or dismissing, or even tend to fear and despise... whether we really want, and think it would really be a good thing, or not, to have even a somewhat more viable democracy, under which to conduct that struggle, or whether some people think it would be "better" to conduct that struggle under a much more anti-democratic Republican regime.

I think the election has shown that most people do NOT want to continue the struggle under the Republicans, for obvious reasons, and that we definitely prefer that it ensue under the Democrats.  

The right is no longer politically correct in this country.  They are political dead meat.


This is a no brainer, so.... anyone who doesn't see and recognize this has to be considered to be brainless, or else to just be fronting and posing, with some kind of weaseling ulterior motives.  

Fortunately, I think, here in the US we do NOT have a plethora of 27 different parties, splitting and diluting the whole electoral process.  Instead, we have only two viable parties, which have more or less polarized into a relative right and left, which simplifies and clarifies the issues quite a bit, I think, and offers a much more material potential for effectively pressing the contradictions of capitalism.  

By "effective", I mean materially seizing the power, democratically, electorally, by and for the people.  

Democracy, after all, is the most fundamental revolutionary principle, right?  


That polarization between the parties is a good thing, and I think it should be further enhanced and proudly promulgated, and that it certainly should not be blurred, confused or avoided.

There's no such thing as a "liberal fascist", and the entire concept of being "socially liberal, but fiscally conservative" is a ridiculous oxymoron.

We certainly do not "need" a traitorous fifth column of fascist "opposition", to be democratic.

Fuck a whole bunch of fascist pigs, of any stripe!


I see actual real democracy in the US as still being a potential material feasibility, which we should pursue, and indeed, that seems to me the best, and more importantly, the only option, under present circumstances and conditions.  I would further propose that the only viable means of pursuing that objective is to seize control of the Democratic Party, and by that means, of the entire government.

Those who believe that only civil war, the complete destruction of capitalism, and starting all over again from scratch, will do, heh, should take heart...the closer we get to a real democratic republic, the more likely the prospect for actual, real, full-on civil war...from the right...will ultimately ensue, to try to prevent or overthrow that.  

I think it's worth noting that with a very substantial progressive/liberal/moderate bourgeois liberal regime in charge, we'll be in a better, if not ideal, position to deal with suppressing all-out right wing reactionary civil war, to whatever extent that may, and probably will,  prove necessary, than we would be under a right wing regime.


Anyway, whatever...either we seize the power, or we abrogate and cede the power to fascism...it's as simple as that.


Now is not the time for further infighting and hysterics.  The ice caps are melting.  And besides, the enemy is discredited, in disarray, and their support is dwindling.  This is ours, to step up and win...or to lose, by literally snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


We have no choice but to do the best we can with what we've got.  And I think a truly unified, concerted effort to bring the Better Democrats, and seize the power, in the party, and in the Congress, and yes, all the way down the ladders of power, to the local city council and county board of supervisors, is both feasible, and necessary.  

Revolution demands no less, anywhere.


It won't be absolute, but it doesn't have to be.  It will be spotty, and develop unevenly.  But once we have a definitive Progressive super-majority overall, we can, and will prevail in all things, on all issues, more or less.

By "we", I mean those progressives who dare to seize the initiative, to seize the time, and who thus get their collective asses down to the local Democratic Party headquarters, en masse, and take the motherfucker over, by being the ones who show up to do the work, participate in the meetings, assume the functionary positions, write the local party platform, select the delegates and candidates, and run the campaigns for 2010 and 2012.


Let me give you a clue.  A mere "vote", or a "voice" or a "seat at the table" isn't going to cut it.  We have to take the motherfucker over, with a super-majority, at any level.  As long as the Chamber of Commerce is in charge of anything, we are all going to be screwed.  They have to get the bum's rush, be thrown out, purged and suppressed, democratically, electorally, at every level.  

Will it be socialist utopia yet?  I think not. That may take awhile, lol.  

But the first step has to be establishing democracy, right?  

Without democracy, we won't have jack shit, except fascism.

So...swallow your sectarian pride, suck it up, and drop the drama.  Get your jive ass down to Party headquarters, and get to work.

Bring us back some reports from the field.


The revolution is at hand.

All Power to the People!

All Out for 2010 and 2012!

Seize the Power!

Bring the Better Democrats!


Death to capitalism as we now know it, and it's moribund form, fascism!

Originally posted to radical def on Sun Jan 31, 2010 at 02:22 PM PST.


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