Thanks to our friend Ministry of Truth   who worked hard to set it up for us.

At 7pm this evening (ET) Progressive Electorate will be hosting a liveblog interview with Democratic Congressman Joe Sestak (PA-07). We encourage all who wish to join us in offering our support to Congressman Sestak and asking him any questions you would like to.

Donate to Joe on our Act Blue Page

Sestak is running against Arlen Spector for the Democratic Senate nomination in Pennsylvania. Remember Republican Arlen Specter who switched parties.

I plan on asking a question about party switchers. Here in Alabama we were victimized by the scum Parker Griffith who recently switched from Dem to Republican (AL-05).

This race has been under the radar lately, but a very important election. Especially since the political climate has changed since Specter switched and there is no guarantee of his loyalty.

BTW - MOT aka Jesse LaGreca thanks all of those that support him as he tries to find a stable living environment and employment.

Remember to join us this evening before the State of the Union.

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