For quite some time now, I've been publishing a column of science and technology links, in the interests of informing people about current events in that area.

This is really a non-partisan enterprise, but I do believe that politics could do with a bit more information and learning, and a bit less dependence on top-of-the-head opinion making done with out much consideration of conditions on the ground.  

Ignorance is not bliss in politics, it's accidents and catastrophes waiting to happen.  Read as few or as many as you want.

Popular Science-

Superinsulating Aerogels Arrive on Home Insulation Market At Last

Sony's New Internal Wireless Tech Snips Wires Inside Your Gadgets

By Stimulating Stem Cells, Bioactive Nanogel Regenerates Cartilage in Joints

New Armored Wall System Assembles Like Legos, Could Replace Sandbags in Afghanistan

Wonder Material Graphene Becomes Lighting for Future Devices and Homes

California Utilities to Store Off-Peak Power In Blocks of Ice

Discover Magazine-

How Henrietta Lacks’s Cells Became Immortal and Changed Medical Science

Looks like the Sun is in its teens again

SDO launches on February 9

In a First, Ground-Based Telescope Measures Alien Planet’s Atmosphere

Dew-Spangled Spider Webs Could Inspire High-Tech Water Collection

Scientific American-

The Advantages of Being Helpless

City Dwellers Drive Deforestation in 21st Century

CERN Gears Up Its Computers for More Atom Smashing

Moving forward with electronic health records

Better Broadband: New Regulatory Rules Could Change the Way Americans Get Online

Popular Mechanics-

Toyota Cites Brake Software Problems in New Prius Recall

The MV-22 Osprey Finds Purpose In Disaster Relief

The New NASA: A Path To Anywhere, And Everywhere

Solar-Powered Circuits Charge by Sunlight in Real-Time

The Science Behind 7 Winter Olympic Events

Technology Review-

Micro Solar Cells Handle More Intense Sunlight

U.S. Solar Market to Double in the Next Year

Graphene Transistors that Can Work at Blistering Speeds

Biofuels from Saltwater Crops

"Melting" Drywall Keeps Rooms Cool

Ars Technica-

The lost souls of telecommunications history

Microsoft: your battery is the problem, not Windows 7

AMD reveals Fusion CPU+GPU, to challege Intel in laptops

Contextualizing the copyright debate: reward vs. creativity

Royalty-free codec still needed despite no-cost h264 license

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