As night falls on Tehran, people are on the roofs shouting, Allah Akbar

Tomorrow is 22nd of Bahman (February 11) and the official anniversary of the 1979 Revolution in Iran.

Payman and I will be live blogging it all day tomorrow as we did during in first few days in June when the election protests began.

Sitting here with an Iranian friend who just showed this to me. Its flying around the Web. I'm impressed (stunned really) by the bravery of the students. Initial rec'd post

According to Payman's latest report:

A very tense night, It is a crazy night all around Iran, millions on the roofs shouting Allah Akbar. They are already around the main square and do not allow the greens in that area. The greens will start from another center and will face the thousands of guards.- Payman verbally.</span>

The plan is as follows:

The protesters march starts at 10am. The schedule and plan is posted everywhere. The regime is using buses, planes, trains, and military vehicles to bring rural Muslims into the city to celebrate the anniversary.

They are paying $100USD stipends and providing the imported celebrants two sandwiches and a box of fruit drink each.

In the meantime 300 hundred foreign reporters have given permission, visas. (This is unprecedented. Normally only very few journalists have been allowed in. All others are jailed.)

This is an indication of the government’s confidence that their tactics will overwhelm the protesters.

The regime has lined the main street of Tehran with speakers to drown out the protesters. In response, people are collecting wire cutters.

The protest is expected to last 5-6 hours, after which they will march to the Evin Prison, the infamous "Gulag of Iran," with the intention of freeing the estimated 4000 political prisoners there. "If there will be violence, it will happen there." Everyone expects this to be a very bloody night the outcome of which could determine the inevitability of success.

If there is blood, there will be a general strike (especially in oil fields) on Friday. This is how the Shah was brought down. Iran depends on the daily cash flow from their oil fields.
So in the meantime, here is the news of the past few days:

Yesterday, Iranians hung several banners from bridges over the busiest street in Tehran that "Down With Khamenei." They are also burning government banner depicting Khamenei. These of course, are brave acts of heresy punishable by hanging. Not even in the last revolution did such a thing happen.


All around the world Iranians are crashing the parties celebrating the anniversary of the current regime’s 79 revolution.

In this video an official of the Iranian embassy in Copenhagen is hit over the heads with something that splatter

How to make your won high def speaker links to this video
This picture of Amadinejad from yesterday has gone viral. It is his photo op for the announcement of the new Iranian Nuclear Power program
Inspired by the deck if card for Saddam regime, the Greens have made a deck for the Khamenei regime; "accused" of crimes against humanity.
22 BAHMAN 88 TRAILER - ۸۸ فراخوان ۲۲ بهمن سبز ایران - IRAN 11 February 2010.

65 journalist has been arrested breaking the Chinese record for journalists in prison (source: The Shameful Record)

Iranians are uniform in their confidence that the regime is boxed in a corner with only the most violent options remaining. 
They have no outs or options. They are fighting for there lives, while the people are .fighting for freedom. The generals sentiment is that there is no tuning back.
The Shahs people 31 years ago had beautiful villas in exotic places for their retreat. This regime cannot leave the country without fear of arrest and prosecution for war crimes and terrorism.
See ya in the am! Cliff and Payman Jahanbin

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