**Update** A couple of Facebook group pages have appeared and there is an article on the groundswell support for John at http://www.mediaite.com/...

I know it sounds like a longshot, but let's think about it for a minute.  Let's look at reality and know that as popular as Reps. Ellsworth and Hill are in their respective districts, their name recognition is not that great in the rest of the state.  Outside of these two popular Democrats in a very conservative state, who are we going to put on the ballot?  

With such a short notice to get on the ballot and get your name out there, we need someone who already has the name recognition and the respect of both conservatives and liberals in the Hoosier state.  The respect of 'Small Town' people and larger urban towns.  Hoosiers need someone to represent them that was born here and has lived here all their life even after they became rich and famous.  His work with Farm Aid will give respect to one of our largest industries in the state, agriculture.

I think if he ran, he certainly could carry southern Indiana.  Since Obama obviously won't be on the ballot, we need a name to 'excite' the left and encourage the liberals in Indianapolis to go out and vote.  In the north, the farming communities would be encouraged to get out and vote as well because of his good reputation with these folks.  

And most importantly he has never held office before.  As much as Republicans tout the 'coming wave', I think the winners this election cycle will be anti-incumbent, anti-Washington types.

So here's my vote for John Mellencamp for Senate!    

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