Tim Roemer, who is Reid and Pelosi's latest choice for DNC chair, looks worse and worse by the day. See The Forest has the latest dirt:
Tim Roemer is a distinguished scholar at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University and president of the Center for National Policy.
What is the Mercatus Center? Dave Johnson explains in great detail, but in short, it's part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, a Scaife funded right-wing think tank. But it gets worse.
One of the ways the Right "educates" public officials, opinion leaders,etc., is to send them to expensive "retreats" at exclusive resorts, nice hotels, etc. where they are wined and dined and treated to first-class amenities [...] Following is the text of an e-mail Roemer recently sent out to Congressional Chiefs of Staff, inviting them to a retreat:
Subject: 2005 Chief of Staff Retreat

Dear Fellow Democrats,

I would like to encourage you to join me in Philadelphia on February 4th and 5th, 2005 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel for the 2005 Chief of Staff Retreat. This Retreat is probably the best opportunity of the year for gathering with other senior-level
congressional staff both from our party but also with our colleagues across the aisle.

The Retreat is hosted by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. I have been affiliated with this organization for the past two years in an effort to promote sound economic thinking that leads to a more prosperous and fiscally responsible America. The Mercatus Center is a non-profit and non-partisan group that seeks to educate congressional staff about markets, global prosperity for the poor and economics as they relate to the issues you are working on in your congressional or committee office.

This year's program is highly relevant to the issues facing the 109th Congress. We will discuss topics ranging from drug reimportation to Social Security, tax and pension reform, to understanding learning disparities between black and white children. I will be there to discuss national security and intelligence reforms. While we have made important progress in modernizing our intelligence system, there are several important issues confronting congress.

At a time of partisan divide, this is an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas. Any time that you can get away from the Hill to view issues from different angles, you should do it. I look forward to seeing you there.

If you are interested in learning more, or registering, please click here.

Best regards,

Tim Roemer

This isn't an ideological issue between "conservative" Democrats and "liberal" Democrats. This is about a candidate for the DNC chairmanship, on the board of a Scaife-funded right wing think thank, urging Democrats to attend a "retreat" hosted by said right wing think tank.

Can we please strike this guy from the list?

For the record, I think Pelosi and Reid signed on to Roemer's bid without properly vetting the candidate, based entirely on his excellent 9/11 Panel performance. They should evaluate in light of recent revelations.

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