This is going to be pretty short, but with some important information. I have to go do a pee test for a new job and deal with a broken car.

The important info: Townhall.com, perhaps the leading right-wing website, just sent out an email describing how the National Republican Trust PAC plans to target ten Blue Dog Congresspeople that voted FOR the House health care bill. They are creating customized radio ads and raising money to buy as much airtime as possible in these ten districts, with the option to add more districts if they raise enough money.

Because this is, in their words:

Their Last Chance To Pass It, Our Last Chance To Stop It

Details over the jump.

The list of Congresspeople under attack, all of whom voted for the House health care bill and come from conservative districts won by McCain/Palin:

   Baron Hill, IN
   Chris Carney, PA
   Zach Space, OH
   John Salazar, CO
   Harry Mitchell, AZ
   Gabrielle Giffords, AZ
   Michael Arcuri, NY
   Earl Pomeroy, ND
   Alan Mollohan, WV
   Thomas Perreilli, VA

The first ad, before being personalized for the individual districts, is here. The transcript of the ad:

Hey, Blue Dog Democrat. You've been fibbing to the people who voted you into office... telling them you represent their interests while you consistently vote for Nancy Pelosi's far left San Francisco agenda of reckless spending, big government control and catastrophic deficits. Check your score, Blue Dog, at "Pelosi Index dot com".

You'll want to know, because soon, all your voters will. Paid for by National Republican Trust PAC, GOP Trust dot com. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

They are tying the targeted ten directly to Pelosi, a verboten name in conservative districts. Playing the ads on the same right wing stations where Beck and Limbaugh are heard, trying to stir their listeners up and make noise.  This is a smart tactic and needs to be fought. Attacking those that supported the House health care bill in the most conservative districts puts them in a tough spot.

We need to get their backs. If one of the targeted ten is YOUR representative, you should give their office a call and express your support and admiration of their stance on health care.

Any other ideas, lease post them in the comments. I'll add phone numbers and website links later, if someone else doesn't before me.

These are key votes in the coming battle. It could be one of the final battles in this war with the right over our health care system.

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