Senator Arlen Specter's polling position is showing signs of solidification as Pennsylvania is just two months away from the Democratic primary to be held on May 18th.  

The DailyKos poll, conducted by Research 2000 is relatively consistent with the results of the Quinnipiac polling and has Specter leading Toomey 47% to 41%.


In a primary, Specter's gains have also solidified as he is found to be leading challenger Rep. Sestak 51%-32%.  Sestak, on the other hand, trails Republican Pat Toomey 42%- 39%.  

The Kos poll confirms recent polling results released by Quinnipiac showing Specter with a commanding twenty four point lead, 53-29 lead over Sestak in the primary and a seven point edge over Toomey in the general (49-42).


This leads me to believe, when Democrats finally have the ability to focus on Pat Toomey, the former Glub for Growth President, and his past dealings on Wall Street, as well as his rampant Union bashing, it will be extremely damaging for Toomey amongst the Pennsylvania electorate.

Specter and Sestak were both busy over the weekend.  Sestak attended the St. Patricks Day parade in Pittsburgh, while Specter headlined a fundraiser for the Pennsylvania Young Democrats (and received their endorsement), rallied with LGBT leaders in Philly, and then topped it off with the Scranton St. Patricks Day parade.

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