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It's official, Kucinich will vote for the bill, and, he will be returning the money that he got for his promise to only vote for a public option.

Kucinich got hammered about this from every wing of the party, with some prominent people on this site suggesting that he be primaried because it was deemed to be a political necessity for the Dems to be able to declare "Mission Accomplished," and that further, Dems who are in safe districts have an obligation to suck it up and do the right thing.

The thing is, Blue Dog stalwart Gene Taylor has a safe district too.  It's not safe for any other Democrat, but it is safe for him, he typically gets 70%+ of the vote.

Throughout this process, Kucinich has attempted to make the bill better, while Taylor and the Blue Dogs have been doing their level best to make the bill worse.

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I'm not suggesting that Kucinich did not do the right thing now recognizing the political realities here.  What I am suggesting is that Gene Taylor should be getting similar amounts of crap from activists.

There are a number of avenues, such as a primary challenge, which admittedly is unlikely, but how about lobbying against wasteful naval procurement (the DDG1000 and additional Burkes made at the Ingalls shipyard in Pascagoola), or perhaps some of his other pet projects?

Why is it that even liberals don't make problems for Blue Dogs when they are 80% of the problem?

In related news Blanche Lincoln, the Senator from Walmart, is threatening to support a filibuster over reconciliation, and what are we hearing from the political operatives?


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