On MSNBC just a minute ago, Rep. Eliot Engel of NY announced he would vote yes on HCR.

Not much to say here...but his reasons for hesitating were valid and were pointed out to me in a comment exchange yesterday.

Over the jump:

Engel was afraid that the Senate Bill punished states like New York and Mass because they did the right thing already and covered people, while giving huge bonuses to those states who didn't do such things.

Rep. Engel said the new Reconciliation wording repairs most of that imbalance.

Well, I know, it's not really a diary, but I wanted to get it out there.

Oh, and ps. Why don't the Stupak 12 just not show up for the vote?  Or abstain from voting in protest?

UPDATE: Boccieri just said YES.  Put a fork in it.

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