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As the House gears up for this weekend’s dramatic vote on health reform legislation, Democrats are taking flak from all sides. In southern Ohio, opponents of the bill have created a blowback effect by airing an ad targeting Rep. Steve Driehaus to stand firm as a "no" vote on the legislation. The ad prominently featured the congressman’s young daughters, in violation of the unwritten law that forbids dragging lawmakers' family members – most especially their underage children – into the fray.

 Source: Yahoo News Blog

The article goes on:

Once Driehaus took note of the ad, and told a reporter from the Cincinnati Enquirer that its content was "outrageous," the group trying to stymie the bill, the Washington-based Committee to Rethink Reform, issued an apology.

"Politicians' children should not be involved in public political debates and we deeply regret this mistake," it said. A spokeswoman said the group had also offered a direct apology to Driehaus.

Since Steve Driehaus is leaning No on HCR, we should do two things:

  1.  Call his office and support him and his stance on not bringing innocent family members into a political fight, which is indecent and absolutely off limits.
  1.  Ask him to reconsider his no vote, and provide reasons.  If it is the abortion question, it is worth noting that Catholic nuns and Catholic publications have come out for the legislation, and that the reconciliation improves the bill on this point.

If you have other reasons, by all means provide that reason as well.

Stand up for decency, which the other side does not seem to have in their political makeup.

(Updated with contact info) h/t to itskevin:  Steve Driehaus' phone contact info is:

DC office 202-684-2216
Cincinnati office 513-684-2723
DC Fax 202-225-3012
Cincinnati Fax Fax: (513) 421-8722

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