Ok...I haven't watched morning Joe in months mainly because it just gives me high blood pressure. But today over at TPM Grade A Smackdown they had an awesome clip of how Democrats should have been talking about and framing the healthcare reform issue all year long.  Of course Joe was doing his usual of setting up the Republican talking points for the day, trying to cut-off any real Democratic points, Peggy Noonan was co-signing in her most above the fray voice, and Mika looking like she just took a Xanax (she is such a poor excuse for intelligent women everywhere). Weiner wasn't having any of it. He was calm, patient,and MAGNIFICENT!! He (and Rep. Alan Grayson) just need to start scheduling appointments right NOW on teaching Democrats how to not only push back HARD but frame the issues whatever they are.  This was a thing of beauty.  The fireworks started around the 8 minute mark. So, settle in, get your popcorn, and send Rep. Weiner a donation if you can.  He's one of the good guys.

Part 1

Part 2

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