Ok, so my Congressman, Sell-Out Stephen Lynch, is switching his vote from "Yes" in November for HCR to "No" now.  The man needs a serious primary challenger, and the time to start looking for that challenger is now.

To defeat Lynch in the primary will take a grass-roots movement uniting behind a viable candidate.  I suggest we look at the current state senators serving in Lynch's congressional district.  That list includes: Jim Timilty, Marc Pacheco, Brian Joyce, and Marian Walsh -- all Democrats in a +22 Democratic district.

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It's going to be hard to recruit any of those individuals to challenge a sitting Democratic congressman, unless of course the congressman in question shows himself to be an abject turncoat on an issue of critical importance to the party and to the nation.  HCR is such an issue, and we need to take up the SEIU challenge to primary congressmen who vote against reform.  So here is some capsule information, mostly taken from VoteSmart, on the potential challengers to Sell-Out Stephen Lynch.

Jim Timilty: Has represented Bristol and Norfolk since 2004, from a prominent political family in the district.  Has a 92% rating from the AFL-CIO, 56% from the Associated Industries of Massachusetts, and 50% from Citizens for Limited Taxation and Government.

Marc Pacheco: Has represented First Plymouth and Bristol since 1993.  Has an A+ rating from Gun Owners' Action League, 14% from Citizens for Limited Taxation and Government, and 100% from the AFL-CIO.  Pacheco ran in the 2001 primary for Joe Moakley's open seat and was defeated by Lynch.

Brian Joyce: Has represented Norfolk, Bristol, and Plymouth since 1998.  Has B ratings from the NRA and Gun Owners' Action League, and a 96% rating from the AFL-CIO.  Also ran in the 2001 open seat primary and lost to Lynch.

Marian Walsh: Has represented Suffolk and Norfolk since 1993 and is the majority whip in the State Senate.  Has an 88% rating from the Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters, 96% from the AFL-CIO, 0% from Citizens for Limited Taxation and Government, and a C from the Gun Owners' Action League.

Of these four, Walsh is the one whose politics most closely resemble my own, and as majority whip she certainly has the muscle to take on a sitting congressman if she were to choose to.  A potential weakness for her is that her district covers only a small part of MA-09, and I'm not certain if she currently resides in the CD itself.

Still, if we're looking to draft someone she's the one I'd like to see take on the scumdog who currently represents me.

Race tracker, MA-09

Update: Poking around for more info on Walsh, I found this undated letter on her campaign webpage:

It is time now for me to contribute in other ways – outside of elective office. Next fall, I will not stand for reelection to the Massachusetts State Senate for the Suffolk and Norfolk District.

I do intend to be of service in other venues, and I look forward to the next chapter with excitement and gratitude.

Does that mean she's available for higher elected office, or simply that she's now bowing out of that particular game?  Maybe if we raise money to draft her, we can influence her decision.

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