I'm Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner. On May 4th, I am competing against the state's Lieutenant Governor for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate seat now held by retiring Sen. Voinovich. Polls show each of us has strong support for the nomination.

The Ohio Democratic Party has so far remained neutral in this primary, but just last week my opponent delivered a letter to the state party asking for its endorsement. The Ohio Democratic Party Executive Committee meets Wednesday, March 24, 2010, and its bylaws require endorsement consideration to move forward.  Early voting begins in just 10 days on March 30th.

The state party has so far stayed out of this primary. We need your help to keep it that way--not just for me, but for the Democratic Party's chances of retaking this Senate seat from the GOP.

As Democrats, we're all in this together. A state party endorsement would only alienate supporters of the candidate not endorsed and impede party unification after the primary vote. The primary election process has been beneficial and should be allowed to proceed without the state party attempting to steer its course.

Let's face it, the real fight here is against electing Rob Portman, whose record of free trading and hard core conservative voting as a Washington insider in Congress has lost jobs for Ohio and will take us backward not forward.

Help us keep Ohio Democrats unified and stop an endorsement in the U.S. Senate race in Ohio. If you are a Democratic voter in Ohio, please sign our online petition for NO ENDORSEMENT in the U.S. Senate primary on May 4th. If you are not in Ohio, please help us fight back by making a contribution to our campaign.

The Ohio Democratic Party would do well to remember Ohio history. In 1982 there were contested Ohio Democratic primaries for Governor, Secretary of State and Treasurer. The state party decided not to endorse in any of these races. Democrats went on to capture all statewide offices in the fall.  But in 1994 the party broke with tradition and endorsed Joel Hyatt over Mary Boyle in the contested U.S. Senate primary. Mike Dewine defeated Joel Hyatt.  It took 12 long years to get this seat into the capable hands of Sen. Sherrod Brown.

If you are in Ohio, please sign the petition, and then volunteer, tell your friends, and vote in the primary election -- early voting begins on March 30th, election day is May 4th! If you are not in Ohio, please help us fight back.

Thank you.

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