US Congressman Stephen Lynch, D-South Boston, has already announced his intention to vote "no" on Health Care Reform tomorrow.


Luckily, a primary challenger emerged today. Needham Town Meeting member Harmony Wu is a former professor at Emerson College in Boston, and was the Needham town coordinator for the Obama campaign. Wu has said she will challenge Lynch if he follows through on his pledge to vote against Health Care Reform.

A Facebook page set up for Wu has drawn more than 250 followers within a few hours of being posted. Many are experienced organizers and campaign staffers from throughout the Boston area.


This is only the begining.

If Representative Lynch votes against Health Care tomorrow, he will have a fight on his hands for the Democratic nomination.

Let this be a message to all Democratic members who are thinking of throwing their values out the window for the sake of political expediency in tomorrow's vote.

We, the base, are watching.

update: the Harmony Wu campaign has launched a website:


Originally posted to soko on Sat Mar 20, 2010 at 08:39 PM PDT.


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