The Democrats in Congress have done their job and passed health care reform.  Conventional wisdom is that Democrats will lose big in November.  Now we have to let our voices be heard -- we need to prove the conventional wisdom wrong.  Why should Republicans win for their unanimous opposition to progress on the nation’s key challenges – health care, economy, energy, and education?

That is why a few minutes ago I contributed $1,000 to Congressman Jerry McNerney (Democrat, CA-11).  McNerney represents the only Republican-leaning district in the Bay Area and he has faced serious challenges each election since his upset victory over Richard Pombo in 2006. McNerney voted solidly in favor of the Democratic agenda.  By helping progressive Democrats win elections in conservative districts, we can show that fixing tough problems will win elections.  

Will you join me?  Donate to your favorite progressive congressperson or progressive group.  

Originally posted to Position2win on Sun Mar 21, 2010 at 10:38 PM PDT.

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