Seriously, per TPM he's missing the vote tonight as he's in the hospital with a baterial infection: http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/...

That sounds pretty serious and pretty nasty.

Even if we don't agree with him, the whole point of universal access to healthcare is that everyone gets it, even people we don't agree with. It is a statement of our common bond of humanity, and I can think of no better way to practice what we preach than to send Senator Isakson genuine, non-snarky get well wishes on the evening that the Senate is voting on the reconciliation "fix-it" bill.

Here's mine:

Dear Senator Isakson,

I used to live in Georgia, and even though I probably don't agree with you politically on very much, I've heard you're in hospital and will be missing tonight's Senate vote on the health care reconciliation bill.

Please accept my best wishes for your good health and speedy recovery.

Kind regards,


I think this is a teachable moment in true tolerance and - after all - what would Teddy do?

Here's a link to his webform: http://isakson.senate.gov/...

If you do choose to send him a note, I only ask that you keep it classy :-)

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