It's not going to be roses, although I bow deeply to those who have been behind that effort.  I think it's great, even though I'm not taking part.  The publicity and symbolism are wonderful.

And yet, I am hoping to get her something that I think she might like even more.  Better colleagues.

I'm going to spend some money here and some more money here.

Oh, and because she is a California resident, after all, and she wants a better state legislature too, I'm going to spend a little here and a little here.

I didn't buy roses, but I'm going to bloom where I'm planted.  For me, that's Orange County.

I've written a lot about Bill Hedrick in CA-44, the guy who almost beat the deeply and persistently corrupt Ken Calvert in 2008 and is coming after him again.

I've also been hearing great things about former Irvine Mayor Beth Krom, who is considered to have a decent shot against John Campbell (last seen ratting out the Texans for yelling at the President.  Good for you, John -- but will the teabaggers appreciate it?)

In the State Assembly, Melissa Fox seems to be grabbing tremendous attention in her 70th District race.  I met her last year at a county fundraiser and got to talk politics with her a bit.  Very smart, very personable, progressive and electable.

A short distance away, Phu Nguyen had been making a credible effort -- with less support thus far -- in the largely Vietnamese AD-68.  This is a very smart race for people to concentrate on.  It's a winnable seat, Nguyen's opponent is not Vietnamese, and I look forward to the Vietnamese community being able to look up to a good Democrat from among them rather than to another Republican.

That's where I'm planted; those are some of the races I plan to fertilize to mark Nancy's birthday?  Where are you planted?  With the roses order sent, what do you plan to give her for her birthday?

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