Good morning fellow Kossacks.  I'm reaching out this morning to any of you who are registered voters in FL-13 (Manatee, Sarasota, Hardee & Desoto counties).  Monday is our deadline to sumbit candidate petitions so that our candidate, James T. Golden, will apppear on the ballot against ethically-challenged GOP incumbent Vern Buchanan.   More after the jump...

For those of you who live in FL-13, you are aware of the touch screen voter fraud in Sarasota County that got him into office in 2006.  Since that stolen election, he was a reliable YES vote for the Bush team.  Since January 2009, he's been a reliable NO vote against our progressive agenda.  

Our campaign is facing an uphill battle.  Vern is a multi-millionaire, James Golden is not even a multi-thousandaire.  It is truly a grassroots, David v Goliath campaign and we need your help for this vital first step of getting 5,000 signed voter petitions.  If we can get to 5,000 peititions we don't have to spend $10K to get on the ballot.  Obviously, this is money we could use more effectively once the campaign heats up in late summer.  We're almost there - we just need this weekend to get us over the top.

We'll be at the Sarasota County Fair & the Seafood Festival in downtown Bradenton.  

If you can't be there, you can download the petition here from our campaign website.  You can print and fill it out.  We'll come pick it up, and take it to the board of elections, on Monday.

Thanks for your support - no matter where you are.  Let's turn FL-13 blue.

Originally posted to charlie kennedy on Sat Mar 27, 2010 at 04:44 AM PDT.


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