As this is a candidate diary and we are fast approaching the fundraising deadline and reporting for the quarter, and because early voting for the primary begins Tuesday, I do hereby, in all shamelessness, beg you to rec this diary.

Now that we have that out of the way, allow me please to reiterate what a rockin' candidate and Kossack we have in Jennifer Brunner for Senate.  For starters, anyone who had to clean up after Ken Blackwell is automatically entitled to some respect.  And if her efforts to do so are pissing off Teabaggers, I'd say she's doin' somethin' right.

And I'm not the only one.  Jennifer Brunner has won tremendous accolades such as the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award and her work was lauded and endorsed by The Brennan Center for Justice.  Yes; that Brennan.  Her slogan, Victory for Courage, really could not be more apt.


And she is courageous.  She's a fighter.  Before her primary opponent Lee Fisher even filed, Brunner was already a candidate and out meeting and talking with the people of Ohio.  Two other candidates hopped on to the primary a day or so before the deadline, but the state Board of Elections has ruled that they do not qualify for the ballot.  Needless to say, this is great news and comes on the heels of other great news, like the fact that Brunner is winning endorsements across the state.  

Jennifer Brunner is not just a fighter, she's a winner; the people of Ohio know this.  And this is why she's really the only one who can beat Portman in the fall.  Fisher hasn't won a race in at least a decade; there is little to no reason to think he could win statewide against Rob Portman, Bush's economic pointman.  He holds a tremendous fundraising advantage over Brunner, yet she beats him in polling against Portman.

So let's make sure she beats Fisher!  As always, locals' letters to the editor rock.  If you can, please donate to the Victory for Courage moneybomb effort.  I know that money is tight and we have lots of awesome candidates to support this season; if you cannot donate, please consider spending an hour or two this weekend phonebanking.  We need to make sure people are aware of both Brunner's awesomeness and that early primary voting starts Tuesday!

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