Only two hours before the quarter ends and the candidate emails diminish by an order of magnitude candidates find out how much money they have to spend on their campaigns going forward. We want our Democratic candidates to win; unfortunately, that takes a lot of money. In order to get their message out, to hire effective staff, to stop opposition messaging before it takes hold, they need resources.

In some cases, we have better Democrats who we want to win their primary so we have a chance to improve the quality of our representation in congress. Jennifer Brunner will be so much better than Lee Fisher in Ohio; ditto for Bill Halter as opposed to Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas.

I've been somewhat lax in my donations so far this year, but it's time to start draining the exchequer helping worthy Democratic candidates this cycle. That means money: and you can make me donate more by ponying up some money yourself. $500.00 is up for grabs, and you get to be grabby over the jump. Hey! Come back with that presidential dollar!

The generosity on Daily Kos has been astounding. In just one example, Adam Bonin (aka Featured Writer Adam B) has raised over $45,000 from Kossacks for his second We've Got Your Back ActBlue page, which raises money for "potentially vulnerable House Democrats" who voted for health care reform. He's hoping to get to $50,000 by midnight.

So I have $500 that I want to give tonight, before the quarter closes at midnight eastern. Between now and 11:55pm EDT, I'll match up to $50 for any candidate donation (max of $250 per donor) on one of the following three pages: Orange to Blue 2010 (Bill Halter), We've Got Your Back, or from my just-created (alphabetical) list, if you have donations you want matched. (Sorry; it's got to be on one of these three ActBlue pages.) Any money left over will go to those candidates on those lists you want me to contribute to (one choice per Kossack). If I'm feeling exceptionally foolish generous, I might go over $500, but I'm trying to be sensible.

There is a moderate amount of overlap between Adam's list and mine; you can donate in either place for dual-listed candidates. I have no ego about my page; as it says there, I set these pages up every two years because it's far more convenient to donate to multiple candidates on a single page than it is to put through multiple donations. Especially tonight, when the minutes count.

I should also take this opportunity to note that the ActBlue servers live in the Eastern time zone. Regardless of where you live, your donation needs to be made before midnight eastern time to be counted as part of the first quarter. It is possible that some of the candidates in other timezones may have set things up to allow them to use their own local time (not yours), but don't count on it. If you want to be sure your donation counts for the current quarter, get your money in before midnight eastern.

Do I have any suggestions? Well, a few.

There's Jennifer Brunner running for senate in Ohio. She's been a fantastic Secretary of State since winning in 2006, and made sure that the state counted all ballots and provided paper trails and equal access to voting. After Blackwell, she was a breath of fresh air, and withstood attacks from the right when she made sure recounts were accurate and fair. You can donate to Jennifer here. I'll match a $100 donation to her tonight from the first person who does so; she'll be so much better than Lee Fisher. (She's the only one who gets to exceed the $50 per person per candidate limit.)

Paul Hodes has been an excellent member of congress since 2006 in NH-02, and now he's running for senate. Taking the seat currently held by Republican Judd Gregg would be a wonderful thing, and Paul will be a great senator. You can donate to Paul here.

Carol Shea-Porter is all kinds of wonderful, and has had hard-fought victories in 2006 and 2008. She also attended Netroots Nation last summer. I cannot say enough good things about her. She's on Adam's page and mine; pick either and give.

There are many others, but I'm out of time. We've Got Your Back has twenty-one House incumbents; my page has five senate candidates, three of whom are trying to take Republican seats, one of whom wants to hold a Democratic seat, and one of whom is an incumbent; and Orange to Blue 2010 has Bill Halter, who's trying to turn Blanche Lincoln's Arkansas senate seat true blue.

The ball's in your court. Or the wallet's in your hand. Just make sure to spend some of what's in my wallet, and we'll all do our bit for Democratic victory in November.

Note: The reason I specified 11:55pm as the deadline for telling me about your donations is that it takes time to put through three donations, and five minutes is cutting it pretty close here to get them all in before midnight.


Donations of top comment nominations were respectable today, and we were still able to match them; since we don't have quarterly Top Comment reporting, there was no last-minute rush to get them in. We always greatly appreciate all those people who take the time to send along their favorites in advance of the 9:30pm Eastern Time deadline. The address of our mailbox for top comments submissions remains:

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From ChocolateChris:

There was lots of fun in this diary, but this comment by Bob Johnson beat all the rest.

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pelagicray points out the difference between the 1774 tea partiers and today's poseurs.

After BarbinMD dings Ret. General John Sheehan for his grossly inaccurate testimony before the senate on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," Calouste quotes the Dutch Ministry of Defense on Sheehan, which took no prisoners.


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