I haven't seen any other diaries on this subject and thought it needed to be addressed. Raw Story has been investigating FEC Commissioner, Caroline Hunter, for her role as RNC counsel in 2004, for providing misleading statements about voter caging activities during the 2004 election. She is also under fire for an astounding failure on the part of the commission to enforce campaign law.

The Bush apointee, along with her two republican colleagues on the commission, are under investigation for having facilitated a deadlock that led to a staggering decrease of 600% in the commission's ability to enforce campaign law.

By law, commissioner's are required to have experience with, or expertise in, election administration or the study of elections. Hunter, who is a close friend of conservative pundit, Mary Matalin, had neither.

This story gets personal for me, because i was a volunteer with Election Protection in Toledo, Ohio in 2004. My first assignment that day was an elementary school called Glenwood Elementary Schhol near the city's west end (the historic district) We were told by the first shift that hundred's of people had left without voting because the polls opened 1 hour late due to fact the voting machines were locked in an office only the Principal had keys to. I also saw and heard volunteers who told of long lines and not enough voting machines throughtout the city. The next couple of days i would read an article in a local paper about Democratic voters being sent letters from The RNC asking them to verify their residentcy, and not bothering to answer said letters had them being challenged when they showed up to vote on election day. I, for one, am tired and frankly puzzled why fellow kossacks would question people who saw obvious voter suppression activies on election day in 2004. Given the GOP's track record, you would think people on this site would be more savvy about the subject.

Anyway, the Raw Story reporter is a much better writer than i so...

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