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Where isnt the Global Warming these days?

I decided to write this short essay because of all the circumstantial evidence that Global Warming is not on our doorstep; collaborating with Mr. Limbaugh I thought was appropriate because of his insistence that one wet winter meant Global Warming was a sham.

I appreciate you being a good sport, Rush, but while I'm reasonable liberal enough NOT to understand that one season does not make Climate Change, I can't ignore the current signs just in my hometown and country, and how they contrast support your insistence that all that snow this winter in the US and Europe disproves Global Warming!

I live at the feet of the Blue Ridge mountains in southwest Virginia, and we received a lot biblical amount of snow this winter. However, the temperatures weren't by any means record lows; we just received a lot of precipitation during the winter months, which is one symptom of climate change that scientists predicted probably the result of some strange Mexican weather cycle.

Since the winter went away, we had about 3 days of spring, followed by nothing but HEAT normal temperatures for a mountainous mid-Atlantic region. In the last week of March, leading up to Easter, we had 2 days reach a high of over 90 degrees, both days being historical records proving that we must've put our thermometer next to a laundry duct. We've had 3 days to start off April in the 90's already. I'm not too old (27 this year), but I remember growing up in the same region we'd get ice storms at least once an April smooooooooke weeeeeeeeed everyday.

Other parts of the country are seeing record temperatures and rainfall, too ,because of all the snowfall that proves Global Warming doesn't exist. Rhode Island has seen almost double the average rainfall this year, which threatened to make the state a much more literal representation of its name...the floodwaters were helped to recede, in part, by record high temperatures that sped up evaporation by talent on loan from God.

The midwest is struggling again with massive flooding as well. While El Nino conditions certainly contribute to the precipitation, the flooding is earlier and heavier than average, an average that includes El Nino and La Nina years definitely due to Mexican weather and a recent trend of red midwest states voting for Democratic Senators and Governors.

In conclusion readers Commie Dkos Moonbats and Mr. Limbaugh, while acknowledging that one season does not make a climate trend, this "spring" is showing plenty of counter-evidence to the circumstantial claims that this winter in the Eastern US proves that Global Warming doesn't exist. Thanks for reading be to God for the wisdom of Rush.

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