In a recent event, Newt Gingrich mocked Obama, arguing that what we need is a President, not a basketball player. Salon's Joan Walsh quotes Gingrich:

   Georgia's favorite Catholic philanderer, Newt Gingrich, mocked Obama in a particularly classy way, insisting "What we need is a president, not an athlete," adding "Shooting three point shots may be clever, but it doesn’t put anybody to work." I'm sure race had nothing to do with Gingrich reducing our first black president to one of the most common stereotypes of black men – not only a basketball player, but a show-boating, three-point-shot taking baller who won't even practice his free throws.

Without a doubt, that's a stupid commment by Gingrich, as one can be both a basketball player and a President at the same time.  Then again, Gingrich rarely makes sense.

But was Gingrich's remark racist? Race warrior Joan Walsh thinks so, as usual, seemingly expecting Obama to be referred to as a ping pong player, football player, chess player or lacrosse player, despite the fact that he is widely known to have played and (and still occassionally plays) basketball. Entire Obama-related stories in the mainstream media have revolved on Obama's passion for basketball.

This unwarranted attack is not surprising to me. A man recently became famous for spitting on an African American congressman who walked by. Forget about the fact that there is no evidence this man did so intentionally, as both his hands were coverning his mouth at the moment. When some people (even our dearest friends) scream, they spray us with saliva. Hence the saying, "say it, don't spray it." But that's an inconvenient fact (and NO, intentionally spitting and unintentionally spitting are not the same thing). Our race warriors pounced anyway, implying this man was motivated by Cleaver's color. I would be outraged if it wasn't for the fact that Al Gore would have been treated worse than Cleaver and you all know it. Go to right-wing blogs and see what is being said about the white Al Gore. Go ahead. Look at the video and tell me honestly whether you have no doubts this man spit on Cleaver intentionally.

Let us stop playing the race card without justification.

*Why do I type "again" in my title? Because it ain't the first time Walsh goes there.

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