What a day!  First Nebraska passed an abortion ban which is a challenge to our constitution rights and now Arizona has decided to follow that up with a law that would require police officers to arrest people they suspect of being illegal immigrants.

The LA Times reports:

The bill mandates that police determine people's immigration status if there is a 'reasonable suspicion' they are undocumented.

My question is what exactly constitutes "reasonable suspision" that someone is an illegal immigrant?  The car they are driving, the job they hold, socio-economic status?  Or probably more accurately the color of their skin.  

Previously, police who wanted to inquire about immigration status could only do it after stopping people for possibly violating other laws.

You don't even have to be breaking a law for the police officer to request proof of citizenship!

Seriously, this law violates many Federal laws that regulate discrimination.  The only way to make this law non-discriminatory is to require everyone that comes into contact with law enforcement officer's to provide proof of citizenship.  How would we all like to be subject to that.  Get pulled over by the cops and now you would not only have to provide drivers license and registration but a copy of your birth certificate as well.  Do you know where your birt certificate is?  How do you feel about having to carry it with you and prove you are a citizen if stopped.  This is where we are headed if we allow these types of reactionary laws take root.

This is not a diary excusing illegal immigration.  That could be controlled by stricter employer penalties and enforcing laws we already have on the books.  This diary is a rant to point out the idiocy and blatant racism that seems to be so pervasive.

This is not okay.  It is crossing a civil liberties line.  I wonder what the reaction of the Tea-Baggers will be?

Originally posted to gtghawaii on Tue Apr 13, 2010 at 03:27 PM PDT.

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