I run a weekly, live news-based sketch show at iO West in Los Angeles called "Top Story! Weekly."  Last Sunday night we did a sketch on the Confederate History Month fracas that I thought the readers of this website might appreciate - so I've linked it below.

I thought the sketch's writer, Jeremy Cohen, and the actors, including the amazing Drew Droege, did a great job of capturing the real impulses behind Governor McDonnell's proclamation while still managing to be darn funny.  Hope you agree.

If you like what you see feel free to check out other sketches on our website or our YouTube page.  And if you're in LA (and 21 or over), we do a brand new show every Sunday night at 9 at iO West, on Hollywood Boulevard between Cahuenga and Vine, so please come by!  (Tickets are just $5, and I can usually swing a few comps.)

If you all like this piece, I'll try to post more sketches that might prove especially appealing to the readers of this site.

"History Lesson" from Top Story! Weekly

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