Today Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Chris Piazza ruled AR Initiated Act 1 unconstitutional.  Act 1 had been passed by a majority of Arkansas voters in 2008.

Act 1 banned any adult who was cohabiting in a sexual relationship outside of legally recognized marriages from adopting or fostering a minor child.  The obvious target was LGBT parents, though straight couples were included as well.  

The passing of this horrible act was missed by many during euphoria of the Obama victory, but the children of Arkansas have had their potential for adoption and foster care threatened for over a year now.

A sweet, simple line from the decision:

Due Process and Equal Protection are not hollow words without substance.

It's a two page decision and its worth the read.  The Arkansas Times has immediate blog coverage.

The list of signers of the petition that prompted the ballot measure is public information.  It recreated a bit of a stir last spring, but here it is again:

KnowThyNeighbor Arkansas

The CEO of Walmart even signed it!

WOW! Thanks for the Rec' List nod.  I would also like to thank the only LGBT center in Arkansas, the NWA Center for Equality who has been galvanizing the community in their few short years of existence.  Help us keep growing the LGBT Equality Movement in Arkansas!!!

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