Due to copyright issues, I can't have these pictures posted. I understand I was supposed to ask for permission and that linking to the photographer wasn't enough.

So . . . as you can no longer see, the pictures are gone and only links remain. If you would really like to see these pictures, they are there for you. All you have to do, really, is type Eyjafjallajokull Lightning Volcano into Google and you'll get some good results.

My bad, I feel like a jackass now, lol.

Here are ALL of the pictures for your viewing pleasure in Flickr's open file sharing system.

Here is the link to 35 photos from AP/Reuters and others, they have some really good pictures.

Sorry about that, I won't do it again. I should have checked the rules but I wanted to show the community all of these pictures. It's had its run, so I feel only minor loss about having to erase the pictures.

I really appreciate your tips, recs, and comments. Even though it had to be like this, I understand more and I have learned from the experience.

Thank you for everything, but now on to other news. Since I have your attention. ;)

Check this out, because some were wondering if this was having any effect on Global Warming:

Iceland Volcano Ash Will Have An Effect On Pullution and Global Warming

Sulfur from volcanoes has the potential to cool the Earth. Sulfur reacts with water in the air to form sulfuric acid droplets that reflect sunlight hitting Earth, thus blocking some rays. The reduction in sunlight can reduce temperatures for a year or so, until the droplets fall out of the atmosphere.

Some more news until I fall off the rec list, it's been great Kossacks!

Karl Rove Slams Fox News Hosts For Bringing Up Anti-Rove Protesters (VIDEO) - This is a Huffpost link.

Check this picture out, this guy is riding somewhere around the USA

Reagan's Prayer Ritual Ruled Unconstitutional . . . Hmm, makes sense!

Mexican drug czars encroach on Colombian cocaine cartels

The RIAA and MPAA Have Failed To Understand A Cultural Shift

Check this funny posting, is it snark? I can't tell . . .

Lmao, these are my kind of people:

Funny Protesters

Bernie Sanders talks about the need to make reall changes on Wall Street.

A Finance Overhaul Fight Draws a Swarm of Lobbyists

President Obama confronts protestors about domestic issues and Iraq.

I'll add more if I find anything worth reading or seeing. I'll leave you guys and gals with this for now:


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