Not Jon Stewart's first takedown of Fox News, and almost certainly not his last. But easily amongst the most cathartic and impassioned.

"I know that I criticize you and Fox News a lot, but only because [it's] truly a terrible, cynical, disingenuous news organization."

This all started late last year when Bernie Goldberg told Bill O'Reilly that ""liberals don’t have five kids, one of them has Down Syndrome. Liberals certainly don’t allow that to happen."

To which Jon Stewart told Goldberg to go eff himself.

Flash forward a few months, and The Daily Show's crack staff caught Goldberg again decrying the alleged generalization by liberals of conservatives, only to once again do the exact same thing about liberals.

Can't embed clip, so WATCH!

And as if to prove that Stewart was classier than both Goldberg and O'Reilly, he followed up that clip with a completely civil, fair-minded interview with a founder of the Tea Party movement!

Will any of this embarrass Fox News?  Umm, don't hold your breath.  It's never worked before.

The great news is that on Monday, Comedy Central extended Jon Stewart's contract until mid-2013, and Colbert's until the end of 2012.

Meanwhile, in slightly exciting news, for the first time in months (years?), MSNBC actually beat Fox News in the coveted 25-54 demographic on Monday night, if only for one hour.  Part of the Rachel Maddow hosted special about Timothy McVeigh beat Greta Van Susteren's always illuminating nightly Q&A with various Republican politicians.  

Originally posted to SquareBoy on Wed Apr 21, 2010 at 07:23 AM PDT.

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