So today we're in D.C. and The Great Skulk is rolling right along. This is a play day for us, Spedwybabs' birthday, and we're meeting with one fellow skulker for lunch. Later in the day there's a group skulk, undisclosed location, some folks that may or may not be involved with the Coffee Party, but since this is semi-secretive I've got no details to offer (yet). Hunt me up on Twitter and you can learn more if you're in the area.

  What I do have to offer is news of the ghost of Bart Stupak, raised up in Pennsylvania, and far too interested into getting into womens' pants. What is up with these guys anyway?

   Maybe this is intolerably rude but we need to talk about sexual dysfunction, controlling behavior, and pateralistic religious fanaticism in the Republican party. Calling it traditional or family values is simply insulting to both our traditions and our families.

    First of all, you GOP closet cases, who are so famous around D.C. - you all deserve every lick of suffering that befalls you after you're outed. Really, it's quite normal for a percentage of men to prefer other men. The genetic advantage comes on the female side of your family, who will on average have one more child than the women who don't have the set of mutations behind this. They, too, have a strong reaction to exposure to testosterone.

   Without trying to be risque, and relaying what a gay friend who is in and out of D.C. tells me, the whole deal is that these gay Republican men crave being submissive, being dominated. I'm not talking any sort of fetish definition here, it's just the desire to have someone else who has some specific ideas about what they want you to do for them making that happen.

 I suppose I'll be excoriated for noting these behavioral differences; women are smaller, softer, in general inclined to behave cooperatively. Men are larger, harder, and will cooperate, but are generally far more competitive. A thousand generations ago women gathered food and minded children while men hunted. A thousand years from now, if we even manage to keep our civil society, these differences will still be in evidence - we just don't change so quickly due to evolutionary pressures. We've had just a few generations of trying to treat men and women equally and we're still not even sure what that means.

 The GOP's desire to poke their collective unwelcome nose into the pants of any woman of childbearing years is another facet of the same dominance thing that closeted gay Republican men wrestle with.

  Private exploration of that sexual dimorphism is mutually acceptable and enjoyable. "Honey, I noticed you're fifty pounds heavier than me and it's mostly muscle; come over here and show me what that means in an up close and personal fashion?" That's a wonderful question to come up in post dinner conversation and the answers are infinitely varying.

   We have another word for such things when it's not mutually agreed upon and prison terms of up to the rest of one's natural life as consequences for being caught. The same sort of intolerance we display for direct sexual assault needs to be applied to the administrative sexual assault that appears in some of the laws crafted by the creepy, controlling GOP politicians.

  A woman who has been forced and impregnated in the process, should she be unlucky enough to live in the traditional/family values state of Nebraska will be assaulted again if she seeks an abortion. An invasive vaginal ultrasound, likely administered by someone who is ideologically rather than medically motivated, is now a precondition to receiving care. Applying the golden rule to this obvious conduct disorder, I wish to enforce my values on the Nebraska legislators behind this; let them be hunted up, politically beat down, and removed from office.

   Those creatures behind this, perhaps closet cases themselves, or more likely would-be control rapists, are largely safe in rural districts that will keep re-electing them. Not safe and entirely within our sites was Bart Stupak, who resigned in part due to the fear of facing the wrath of the netroots after his antics around the health care reform bill, and Pennsylvania Republican Joe Pitts. Unlike Stupak, if we want to be free of Pitts we must gather ourselves together and terminate his career next November.

  Pitts' latest attempt to inject his religion into the lives of others came last Thursday, when forty three Republicans and seven Democrats WHO MUST BE PRIMARIED WHETHER WE LOSE THEIR DISTRICTS OR NOT chose to all insult President Obama and our collective intelligence with a piece of poltical grandstanding entitled:

Protect Life Act

   Has a ring to it, doesn't it? "Protect Life" - sounds all positive, but that's just spin. I'd name it Forced Birth Act myself - requires any pregnancy to be carried to term, even if the conception itself was a crime. Requires the pregnancy to be carried to term, even if the woman has three children she loves and two elderly adults she cares for who'd be without a home if she had another child. Requires pregnancy to be carried to term even if it means a woman who might have had a college degree and the attendant good job afterward instead is forced to drop out and raise a fatherless child on a third of what she could have made finishing school.

  The even bigger picture behind all of this unnatural, unwelcome attention on what's in our wives & daughters' pants is this: the so called abortion debate is a constant smoke screen for the effects of the corruption and thievery of the richest 1% of society, who pay much for the pandering and inciting that keeps the nation focused on this shrill dog whistle while Wall Street makes sure nobody can afford to keep a roof over the heads of the children they already have.

  I'm just flat fed up with it. I will in all places and at all times work for the removal of the highest value Republican target I can find and I will keep doing this until they take their tiresome, fake interest in 'life' and go bother someone else. And this goes triple for any fake Democrat who is participating in these antics. No longer welcome under my personal tent are:

Travis Childers

Lincoln Davis

Tim Holden

Dan Lipinski

Jim Marshall

Mike McIntyre

Gene Taylor

  So, there are the fundraising links. Don't give them one red cent. Dig a little, hunt up their office addresses, and send them rusty coat hangers.

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