My Senator Bernie Sanders is a national treasure.

You want someone to speak truth to power, look no further.

From his Op-Ed

Frankly, it didn’t take a PhD in finance to come to this conclusion.  If you lock a heroin addict in a room with heroin, you shouldn't be shocked if he overdoses.  If you give unlimited license to Wall Street speculators, whose only function is to make as much money as possible, you shouldn't be surprised when the result is greed on steroids, reckless behavior and a disaster for ordinary people

Too Big to Fail = Too big to exist.

it's time to shatter the big four into divisions.

This is nothing new:

Standard oil for examplehttp://en.wikipedia.org/...

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1911 that antitrust law required Standard Oil to be broken into smaller, independent companies. Among the "baby Standards" that still exist are ExxonMobil and Chevron. If not for that court ruling, Standard Oil would be worth more than $1 trillion today

When Corporations have purchasing power greater than nations, its time they were broken up, as their failure could bring down nations. Iceland, Greece, and possibly Spain spring instantly to mind.

The rules that are meant vaingloriously to limit corporate power, ie competition can no longer be deemed to work.

If you believe in democracy and capitalism, then the role of government must be to ensure:

1] A level playing field

2] Adequate regulation.

3] Globally enforceable rules.

To have competition governments should be forbidden from bail-outs, and proposed mergers should be treated with greater inspection and regulation.

Anti-trust laws must be tightened up on a world wide level, until this is done then 'free trade' will be anything but open and fair.

One group of mega-corporations nearly drove us into a Great Depression again by their unfair and dishonest practices. Its time this danger was removed.

Limits to corporate size must be enforced to ensure fair competition for all, regulation and oversight must be on a global level as many nations cannot resist their power. Even the US can be made to teeter and bend to their needs.

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