offer unsolicited advice on how to help make a better mother's day for those who might need assistance, but...

I was never the sort of person, or mother to buy myself something on behalf of my children on mother's day, or them or my husband on my birthday or Christmas, and then convince myself it was just as thoughtful as if they had done it. I always preferred the spontaneous sort of gift, if there was one at all... one can't expect a gift from a 1 year old, now can one? I'd rather have the scrawled crayola message on construction paper than the fanciest store-bought bouquet in the world.

I once knew a man who refused to get any kind of gift for his wife, the mother of his daughter, on the grounds that 'She's not MY mother!', which I found so shallow and offensive, but that might be just me...

My children are away from me, and have been for some time. I expect nothing, though our relationship is good and we communicate almost every day via facebook chat, usually our only avenue. They might want to send a card or gift, but probably will not have access to the post office, perhaps not even the phone. The point of this diary is:

If you know a mother or children who might need some assistance (buying a card, a gift, a postage stamp, the loan of a cell phone for a call on Sunday) that might accomplish contact that otherwise would not occur, please offer it, for both that mother and that child. You don't know what good you might accomplish. And a happy Mother's Day, in advance, to all.

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