...Bill Halter!  It was neck and neck between Halter and Sestak, but Halter won by two votes in the end!  A $250 donation will be winging it's way to the Halter campaign coffers shortly - I've asked the question over at ActBlue if we can use Peanut Butter PAC's ActBlue page to make the donation, once I hear back I'll either make the donation there or I'll contact the campaign directly.

Our next award will be for the month of May, and we're going to do it right away so that we can include some great candidates with June primaries in the balloting.  Getting it donated now gives the winning campaign a significant chance to use it to good effect.  A lead time provision will be written into the PB PAC by-laws when we list out the candidate selection process more formally.

Read on for our remaining candidate list...

In the Senate:

Barbara Boxer(California Senate) primary date:  6/8
Paul Hodes (New Hampshire Senate) primary date:  9/14
Rodney Glassman (Arizona Senate) primary date:  8/24
Roxanne Conlin (Iowa Senate) primary date:  6/8
Kirsten Gillibrand (New York Senate) primary date:  9/14

And in the House:

Alan Grayson (Florida 8th) primary date:  8/24
Carol Shea-Porter(New Hampshire 1st) primary date:  9/14
Craig Pridemore (Washington 3rd) primary date:  8/17
Jim McGovern (Massachusetts 3rd) primary date:  9/14
Mac D'Allesandro (Massachusetts 9th) primary date:  9/14
John Hall(New York 19th) primary date:  9/14
Keith Ellison (Minnesota 5th) primary date:  8/10
Marcy Winograd (California 36th) primary date:  6/8
Sheila Smoot (Alabama 7th) primary date:  6/1
Tarryl Clark (Minnesota 6th) primary date:  8/10
Tom Perriello (Virginia 5th) primary date:  6/8

And these primary winners:

Justin Coussoule(Ohio 8th) (running against BOEHNER!!)
Andre Carson(Indiana 7th)

We will likely have an update later today with a few additions to that list - I've taken the leiberty of adding one that I was certain about, Mac D'Allesandro is primarying Steven Lynch in MA-09 for Lynch's "no" vote on HCR.  He's a strong candidate with the full backing of the SEIU - pistolSO will have more info on Lynch and the other new additions in another diary sometime today.  

Emails will go out tomorrow asking our paying members to whittle the list down to four deserving candidates, then another email blast will pick the winner from that subset.  If you haven't joined up, please do, or make a working capital donation on our home page.  We don't ask for a lot of money, it's as little as $10 per month, so the more members we have, the more clout we'll wield.  By design, over 80% of the money collected goes to candidates - please help support us today!

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