WH criticism of BP sounds 'un-American'

You would think after inserting his foot into his mouth less than 2 days after winning the GOP Kentucky primary for Senate, Rand Paul would learn to choose his words a bit more wisely.  

So far he has not backed down from his assertion that private business or home owners should not be covered under the 1964 civil rights act.  

But if that is NOT enough, now he is at it again.  

Rand Paul is a clear illustration of EVERYTHING that is wrong with the tea baggers.  And if that is not bad enough, he is just another example of what is very, very wrong with the Republican Party.  

Paul says Obama's criticism of the oil company sounds like an attack on business and "really un-American."

Really, Rand?  You think that it is un-American to call a liar a liar?  Your party doesn't seem to have a problem calling other people liars when they are telling the truth?  

BP has the worst safety record of any company in the oil and gas business.  THAT IS A FACT.  I guess you don't remember that 15 people were killed at a refinery owned by BP in 2005.  15 PEOPLE RAND!  That's 15 sons or daughters, 15 possible fathers or mothers.  And why were these people killed?  Because BP put profits over safety.    

Fast forward 5 years later.  Today we have 11 more people dead for the same darn reasons.  BP put profits over safety!  That's been made very clear by people who were actually there.  

What you are basically saying Rand is that you believe in a country that should be ruled by BIG BUSINESS whose only goal is to make money and drive their stock prices up.  What you are saying Rand, is that you basically support all of the failed policies of the Bush/Cheney administration only you want to take it farther.   What you are saying Rand is that people don't matter, only businesses matter.  

Perhaps you should read up in your History books Rand or even a dictionary.  Because if you do, I believe you will find that these tea party ideas you are representing border very closely on Fascism.  And we all know who was the main Fascist in History.  Oh, I forgot, the tea partiers want to rewrite History.  Perhaps you should read Orwell's 1984.  It sounds dangerously close to what you are advocating for our country.  

I would say shut up Rand, but the more you talk, the more you show the nation the reality behind the tea party.  And the more you do that, the more you help your opponent in November.  Hell, the more you talk, the more you help the entire Democratic Party.  And the more the GOP embraces you and your outlandish and entirely inappropriate statements, the more normal, every day people see you for what you really are.

Yes, Rand, you are the perfect gift for the Dems.....the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving.  You and your comrades will most likely give the Dems the opportunity to retain that majority in the Senate and that's a good thing.  

It's bad enough that the GOP wants to help those liars at BP.  But to call anyone "unAmerican", especially the White House because they challenge this disgraceful companies lies, well, I'd like to see you say that to the faces of those families who have lost loved ones at either that Texas City refinery or on that Horizon well.  

No honeymoon for you Rand.  Not when you keep opening your mouth and disgracing our country, your party and your family  with statements like that.  Keep it up.  We Dems couldn't do better to get reelected in November if we tried.

Originally posted to pollchecker on Fri May 21, 2010 at 06:59 AM PDT.

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