Political pop quiz: You are the Connecticut Republican Party, the nation's richest state and a solid Democratic stronghold. Your Democratic opponent has been busted (fairly or not) for lying or exaggerating his military service during the Vietnam War. Do you:

  1. Nominate a decorated Vietnam War vet, retired Colonel, and winner of two Bronze Stars, with a proven track record of winning elections in tough political terrain
  1. Nominate the teabagger co-founder of the WWE

If you were smart, you'd pick option number one. But the rules said you had to be a Republican, therefore...

A Republican source says Rob Simmons told his staff Monday he will end his campaign for U.S. Senate at a press conference today in New London.

On Monday night, Simmons called a press conference for 9 a.m. in New London to make an "announcement on the future of the campaign for U.S. Senate," immediately prompting speculation he was dropping out [...]

[A] source who declined to be identified said that Simmons' staff was told the campaign was ending, bowing to the difficulties of fighting the best-financed candidate in Connecticut history: McMahon, a co-founder of World Wrestling Entertainment who is seeking office for the first time.

McMahon, who had contributed $16 million to her campaign by May 1, is on pace to break all campaign spending records in the state by the Fourth of July. She says she has budgeted $50 million of her personal fortune in an effort to become the first Connecticut Republican to win a Senate race since Lowell P. Weicker Jr. in 1982.

Poor Simmons. He embarrassed himself by lugging around a teabag, and all it bought him was an unceremonious kick to the curb.

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Mon May 24, 2010 at 11:30 PM PDT.

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