It has been a rough day I am sure we all agree.  But at 10 this morning my daughter called me up with some news- the Big Butter Jesus on highway 75 between Cincinatti and Dayton had been struck by lightening and burned to the ground.

We all saw this amazing fiberglass construction in a sleet storm driving back to WV in the middle of the night from Richmond Indiana.  We laughed and laughed- almost giddy.  For it to go down in flames just tickled me.  I am used to roadside religion and enjoy a huge statue as much as the next traveler (World's biggest Prairie dog, Giant Heinz ketchup bottle water towers, Superman in both Manhattan KS and Metropolis IL).  All good.  And honestly, their burning to the ground would make me a little sad.  but touchdown Jesus- well watch the video trbute....

Here is more on the flameout

Apparently it isn't the first big giant Jesus to go under lightening.


Somehow, I took it as a sign.

Oh Pleeeze can the Creation Museum go next (at midnight when no one would be injured of course.)

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