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We continue to bear witness to the ongoing fallout of unfettered corporate greed and malfeasance. We have a lot going on with the LRMP tonight, and hopefully we will have an expert or two drop in to give us some insight.

For a description of the mothership/ROV liveblogging process, check out this thread.

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Tomtech's Diary with imagery

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I want to give a personal prop to this diary by don mikulecky discussing a fantastic piece in the NYT: Our Fix-It Faith and the Oil Spill. It seems to me technological success has come too easily, and important lessons have remained ignored or unlearned entirely. But I'll leave the pieces of superb writing to stand on their own.

Also, Crashing Vor is one my personal favorite diarists, with first-hand accounts that balance information with heart. It is diarists like this, and like so many others, that I am grateful to be a part of this community, bearing witness to such a tragic time for all of us.

If you have not yet signed up to participate or organize an event June 26 for Hands Across the Sand, please go to the Hands Across the Sand website to learn more! I'll be organizing a solidarity event here in Denver!

And a shout out to khowell, FishOutOfWater, RLMiller, jamess, Fishgrease, weatherdude, papicek, nika7k, joanneleon, yawnimawake, politik, Overseas, Garrett, conchita, johnsonwax, Middleagedhousewife, whitis, miep, sc kitty, Tomtech, Rhymeswithurple, and so so so many others that have been here, day in and day out, sharing tears, laughter, expertise, and heart. My deepest personal thanks to all of you.

Please update in the comments with any breaking news or analysis, and I will be checking the comments. I will update the diary as needed.

From the comments, because it's just too good to pass up:

How many ROVs does it take to change a light bulb?

Depends on who you ask-

BP exec: Just one small one

Government official: What BP says

Independent analyst: It'll take a lot more than BP is admitting

Wingnut: Leave the light bulbs alone you socialist fag

Fishgrease: So fucking many it'll make the pyramids look like fucking child's play

Credit to Kairos for the awesome joke.

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