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Yesterday I took a relative break from this disaster. Today I have been glued to the streaming video (and, DARN, that is frustrating).

I watch and it looks like something is up and then I have to do something in RL and I come back and the scene is utterly different and I have no clue what just happened?!

In my non-technical view, this is where they are at:

Clampy the mega-clamp (ginormous hydraulic clamp/godzilla’s pinking shears) has a hold of the riser some distance from the bent riser/BOP. Lizzie the attachable diamond cutter robot is seated atop the BOP and ready to cut cleanly through the pipe just above the BOP.

We have watched other rotary saws cutting through the minor pipes next to the riser, down by Clampy.

Then, maddeningly, the video-bot pulled WAY back and what we saw could have been just about anything from cutting edge intrauterine robotic surgery to some odd flocculent fluidic space UFO encounter.

Now we have a lady-bugs view of Clampy bear-hugging the riser. While I appreciate the intimacy of the view, nothing is happening (again).

Will today be the day Clampy pinches off the riser, Lizzy cuts her pipe and some as yet unseen capping structure attempts to cap off an oil volcano of epic proportions?

Stay tuned.

The Video Feeds

BP Video Feed
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BP Videos - This link takes you to BP's home page, which contains a section called "Latest Video Updates from BP".
WKRG - Mobile/Pensacola - Appears WKRG only has a still shot right now.

Courtesy of whitis here are two additional video links:
Primary Feed
Secondary Feed
Tomtech's Diary with imagery

Courtesy of profgoose here is a list of links from The Oil Drum links on newer developments, etc

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Later Breaking News:

RE: Obama Press Conference today:

Obama orders more manpower to spill cleanup

(CNN) -- President Obama said Tuesday that he has directed federal authorities to triple manpower in the Gulf of Mexico in places where oil from a ruptured underwater pipe has hit shore or is close to impact.


Within hours, he said, robots will begin making a series of cuts to the "lower marine riser package" on the well. After that, a diamond-cut saw will be used to make a "clean cut," preparing the way for a custom-made cap to be fitted over the package.
Dudley said the company is implementing new techniques in its ongoing effort to plug the leak.


This time, warm water will be pumped down in an effort to combat the formation of hydrates.


After the cap is on, a second operation will create a second flow path through the blowout preventers, meaning there will be two flow paths to the surface.

"By the end of the month, we are engineering a completely separate system that will make it more storm-proof, with a free-standing riser that would allow for quick disconnects if needed," he said. "This engineering is different than the 'top kill' engineering."

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