I have never in my life seen a President care so little about his party.  When his party faces an election that could well wipe the party right out of American politics, he stands around and rails at "Washington", not Republicans.  

It is his weak, wishy washy leadership style that has created a massive enthusiasm gap between Democratic and Republican voters this year.  

It is his refusal to pack the economy with stimulus in 2009 and 2010 and to not jawbone Ben Bernanke into printing trillions of new dollars to put in the hands of the American people into to stop the massive deflationary cycle that is taking hold that is killing the Democratic party in this crucial midterm election.

Dont take this from me, watch what devoted liberal columnist Joan Walsh has to say:


Obama and his team seem more focused on protecting the "brand" that they believe galvanized millions of new voters, young voters and independents in 2008, to potentially realign American politics, than with helping Democrats hold the House and Senate.

Im sorry Mr. Obama, realigning American politics requires Democrats to hold the House and the Senate, not for you to stand their and protect your "brand", whatever the hell that is.  

If he were working on programs and policies that he thought would resonate with those new and/or unaligned voters who backed him two years ago, I'd be perfectly fine. What worries me is the White House's relatively substance-free approach to keeping the Obama brand bright and shiny.

Right on.  You cant just sit around and be above the fray and succeed as President.  You need to get out there and get things done.

Could Obama ultimately hurt the Democratic Party more than he helped it?

Well, duh.  Have you looked at polls recently.  From 2006 and through much of 2009, Democrats were riding high.  Then Obama took August off instead of keeping Congress in session to finish healthcare in order to play golf.  It was all down hill there.

This President has wrecked everything we worked for in 2006 and 2008.  We could well lose Nancy Pelosi, who has been the greatest Speaker of the House since Sam Rayburn 50 years ago.  All because this President wanted to protect his "brand".  Shame on you Barack Obama.  

Originally posted to StevePepoon on Tue Jun 15, 2010 at 01:05 AM PDT.

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