I'm Mac D'Alessandro, the progressive Democratic candidate for Congress from Massachusetts' 9th district, and I'd like to ask you a question.  Does it bother you that Stephen Lynch voted against health care reform that gave tens of millions of Americans access to health care and will make "pre-existing condition" restrictions a thing of the past?  Does it irritate you that Stephen Lynch voted for the Iraq War and voted to continue funding it?  Does it anger you that Stephen Lynch supported the Patriot Act and voted to re-authorize it, invading the privacy of law-abiding Americans?  Does it infuriate you that Stephen Lynch doesn't believe that women should be able to make their own reproductive decisions?

If so, you might be a Mac:

(Much more, including "I'm a Mac" video and retired Army Colonel Carl Lundquist, below the fold!)

If you are a Mac, you're not alone:

Just 35 percent said that [incumbent Stephen] Lynch deserves re-election, with 33 percent saying it is time for somebody new, and 32 percent not offering an opinion.

I'm running for Congress because, like you, I'm frustrated with the slow pace at which we’re realizing the changes promised in 2008.  I'm running because I want Democrats to act like Democrats rather than obstruct the agenda for change and progress.  Families just like mine are having difficulty paying today’s bills while trying to save for the future.  People see ongoing military engagement in the Middle East, oil continuing to flow into the Gulf of Mexico at beyond alarming speed, and a heavily unregulated Wall Street still putting our economic stability in jeopardy.  Voters in the 9th Congressional district want stronger leadership in Congress that better represents their values and ideals.  They want someone who will fight every single day for working families.

So I’m asking you to visit our website, join our Facebook group, subscribe to our Twitter feed, contribute through our ActBlue page, of course recommend this diary, and – most importantly – get involved!  Please join us to continue our movement for change.

Originally posted to Mac DAlessandro on Fri Jun 18, 2010 at 10:18 AM PDT.

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