Progressive Democrat, State Senator Jim Wilson, has released a polling memo from Celinda Lake showing that a well-financed campaign exposing Dan Boren's anti-middle class and working class voting record puts him in a tough primary fight.

Swing State Project has a little blurb on it all. They link to a copy of the polling memo, and link to Boren's absurdly right wing hit job of a TV ad against Jim Wilson now running on the airwaves in eastern Oklahoma.

Clearly Boren starts out with a big lead, but any safe incumbent's numbers would not fold like a deck of cards after an informed ballot. Boren's support is very soft. And he knows he is vulnerable. Look no farther to his attack ad on Wilson just 2 weeks after Wilson announces his primary challenge.

To think that progressive hero Mike Synar held this seat just 16 years ago, and now Dan Boren holds it as essentially the closest thing you can find in the lower 48 to a "democratic" Jim Inhofe or Tom Coburn.

Here is the link to the swing state run down, scroll down to OK-2:

If you can spare $10 or $20, Jim Wilson could use it.

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