As I noted earlier, I've been blacklisted on MSNBC because I hurt Joe Scarborouth's fee fees. MSNBC president Phil Griffin claims it was because:

I just don't know how one could reasonably expect to be welcomed onto our network while publicly antagonizing one of our hosts at the same time.

Greg Sargent laughs at the absurdity of that Justification:

It's funny. I don't recall the chief of MSNBC publicly banning Liz Cheney from appearing on the network when she cut an entire Web video "publicly antagonizing" Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews for allegedly being too frightened to debate her about terrorism:

Sargent concludes:

See, conservatives are expected to demonize the media, and can always count on being granted a platform by the same major networks they hammer publicly on a regular basis. It's all part of the game, get it? But it seems Markos got publicly dressed down and banned by the president of the network, no less, all because he got under Scarborough's skin with a few nasty little Tweets.

That's pretty much it. Had I criticized Rachel or Keith or Ed, nothing would've happened. I've certainly criticized Chris Matthews in the past, and nothing happened. I've got confirmation from one producer of a prime time MSNBC show that there isn't any network-wide prohibition on Liz Cheney appearing on the air.

This is about Joe Scarborough, and the media double standard that allows you to criticize liberals all you want, but conservatives are off limits. Just ask Dave Weigel.

Update: MSNBC tried to talk me out of going public with this, between Griffin and another exec. But here's the thing -- neither Keith Olbermann nor Ed Schultz reached out. That spoke volumes to me, since they have my number, and I'm sure Griffin would've loved for them to intervene. But they didn't. What's that tell me? That they're fighting the good fight from the inside and have zero interest in doing Griffin's dirty work for him. They won't be able to comment on this for obvious reasons, but that doesn't mean they're not engaged.

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