My day job is with Oceana, a non-profit group that works to protect the world's oceans (as you may have guessed from the name).

We have just released a pretty significant report. It concerns the growing problem of mercury contamination -- and identifies a major source of this contamination that you probably have never even heard of.

Poison Plants finds that mercury emissions from nine chlorine plants in the U.S. using an outdated process called "mercury-cell" chlorine production -- a process already abandoned by 90% of U.S. chlorine producers -- may approach the volume of emissions from all the power plants in the United States.

These plants are so bad, in fact, that in seven of the eight states where they operate, they are the number one source of mercury contamination in the state!

If you're interested in safer seafood and a healthier environment -- or just in learning how regulators and industry collude to keep dirty processes from being cleaned up -- you should check it out. We've also opened a thread on our blog where you can discuss the report, and our campaign for safe seafood.

Originally posted to jalefkowit on Thu Jan 27, 2005 at 12:58 PM PST.


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