This will be a short diary, but thought it might be worthwhile for a few of us.
I'm here in the lovely Nevada desert enjoying Netroots Nation.  I'm also trying to maintain my usual exercise and wieght control regimen while I'm here.  I'm a cardiac rehab nurse by profession and try to practice what I preach - most of the time.  The only reasonable answer seems to be early morning walks.  My walk this morning provided me a chance to get a little different perspective on the famous Vegas Strip in the early daylight - pretty interesting.
But I'd love to have some company.

So here's the plan:  I'll be at the main entrance of the Rio Friday and Saturday morning at 7:00 for anyone who would like to take a group walk of approximately one hour.
If the group is small, we'll commit to the pace of the slowest person.  If it's a little bigger, we'll divide into a fast and a slow group - but no one will be left alone.
If you want to come, be on time - we won't wait long.
I'm going to dive back into the panels, so can't stick around for comments.

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