I don't think the Tea Party mob could be more clear about their goal of intimidation of critics. From Kos front page:

..it's a dangerous topic and it's a dangerous fire to light and so this is the outcome.

Sure enough, the brewers of the tea party movement are showing us the danger of messing with the movement:


This new plot involves Sherrod’s involvement in a class action lawsuit against the USDA, which the right is characterizing as slavery reparations. The reality is, of course, quite a bit different...

Yesterday, conservative radio host Ben Shapiro spoon-fed the conspiracy to the Tea Party Caucus’ Rep. Steve King  (R-Iowa), who then said he thought it warranted investigation...

When the White House staff, the Agriculture Secretary and others cave to the lying right, someone's career, reputation or life will be ruined. Sometimes and entire organization gets destroyed.

Why would the liars stop if they are being successful ?

So spare me the "you hate Obama", "you want ponies", "you forgot Obama did Health care", etc...

I support Obama.

But sadly I am afraid of supporting him because his staff has shown me a very ugly picture of what happens to his supporters that get singled out by the tea party brewers.

And that is just wrong. Protect your own, particularly those who are being attacked simply because they support you.

I pass on the pony, but I want my party and my President to stand up for me and the people of the party.

The only group of people in the entire US that was surprised that Fox is vicious and Breitbart is a liar was Obama's staff. Seems he needs to hire smarter people.

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